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Innovation application: Testing of Material Air Permeability

Title Testing of Material Air Permeability

There are used different materials in economic sectors. Materials are multifunctional. Companies should optimize selection of materials to achieve their goals. Thy need both materials with high and low air permeability. For example, for bandage materials it should be as high as possible, but for polymer films – normally low. Air permeability is influenced by moisture, air speed and other factors. For wearable textiles it is very important both in hot and cold weather. In hot weather, it should be as high as possible but in cold weather as low as possible, but cannot be zero because it will mean that there is not air transfer through garment and it can cause discomfort. Especially air permeability is important for work wear and sportswear.

Air permeability tests should be done for material optimization.

Keywords functional materials, preference optimization, product quality, process efficiency, risks
Authors Ilze Baltiņa
Department (14D02) Apģērbu un tekstila tehnoloģiju katedra
(14D00) Dizaina tehnoloģiju institūts
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Manufacture of textiles
Manufacture of wearing apparel
Manufacture of leather and related products
Construction of buildings
Specialised construction activities
Human health activities
Description of the technology

Institute of Design Technologies offers measuring the material air permeability and consulting on textile materials. Air permeability is tested by SDL Atlass Air Permeability Tester M021S, using standard method EN ISO 9237:2001. The standard describes the method for measuring the permeability of fabrics to air and is applicable to most types of fabrics. The rate of flow of air passing perpendicularly through a given area of fabric is measured at a given pressure difference across the fabric test area over a given time period. The tester allows to regulate air pressure difference at both sides of material.

Fig. 1. SDL Atlass Air Permeability Tester M021S.

The tester can also be used for measuring air permeability of other materials, such as insulating materials, medical patches and polymers.

Applications Air permeability can be tested for woven, non-woven, knitted fabrics, lather, polymer and etc. materials that can be used in clothing, underwear, sportswear, footwear production, for bandage material and film production.

Our tests and consulting services facilitate selection of material. The best choice of material can increases product quality and productivity, decrease costs and risks that lead to increasing the company performance. In clothing production excellent material choice increase comfort and satisfaction.

Technology Readiness Level Actual system proven in operational environment
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