Measurements of Parameters of Fiber Optical Transmission Lines
Sandis Spolītis, Andis Supe, Vjačeslavs Bobrovs, Ģirts Ivanovs

Description of the Technology

The service includes extensive measurements of the customer's fiber optical line, which allows judging on the efficiency of the transmission system, eliminate existing or potential problems, and improving its performance. Certified and up-to-date high-end scientific equipment is used for the provision of services:

  1. Power Meter: EXFO EPM-50 (Canada)
  2. Chromatic Dispersion (CD) and Polarization Modal Dispersion (PMD) meters:
    • EXFO single-sided CD / PMD analyzer FTB-5700 (Canada)
    • EXFO PMD Analyzer FTB-5500 (Canada)
    • EXFO CD Analyzer FTB-5800 (Canada)
  3. Optical-time domain reflectometer: EXFO FTB-7500 (Canada)

Fig. 1. EXFO OTDR and CD/PMD analyzer.


Measurements of parameters of deployed or under construction fiber optical transmission lines (fiber attenuation, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion), problem diagnostics and improvement of the performance of optical transmission systems.


This solution provides a simple and fast quality control of optical fibers as well as evaluates the readiness of fiber optical transmission systems for higher data transmission speeds such as 10, 25, 28, 32 or 40 Gbit/s per channel.


fiber optical transmission lines, attenuation, chromatic dispersion, polarization mode dispersion, OTDR

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