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Innovation application: An Embedded Wireless Sensor System for Automatization of Technological Processes

Title An Embedded Wireless Sensor System for Automatization of Technological Processes

Embedded wireless sensor systems have been developed for object monitoring and automated decision making without human intervention. Operational information systems and technical systems software that are adapted to specific applications ensures high security level of processes and objects. The embedded system is set up as a ROM chip with a stored program. The embedded system may also include an operating system. Process management automation facilitates faster, more productive and better performance, increases the safety of processes and reduces operating costs. Embedded systems are particularly advisable in the social sphere (sick people, care of preterm babies). Such systems have also practical application in agricultural machinery.

Keywords wireless sensor platform, Applied System Software Suite, automation, embedded systems, safety, time critical control systems
Authors Valerijs Zagurskis
Department (12216) Datoru tīklu un sistēmu tehnoloģijas katedra
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Crop and animal production, hunting and related service activities
Scientific research and development
Veterinary activities
Human health activities
Residential care activities
Description of the technology

The developed embedded system (see Fig. 1) is a low cost, low power consumption, multifunctional miniature efficient data processing, data storage and communication system. The system is built into manageable objects and provides an optimal performance mode for pre-programmed operations. The universal controller is designed for highly precise automation tasks. Software development ensures functional customization of the system.


Fig. 1. The Embedded wireless sensor systems for agricultural machinery.

Applications Embedded systems, depending on the task and the selected wireless sensor types, allow to monitor: temperature, humidity, motion, light, pressure, composition of the land, the noise level of a certain object presence or absence of an object attached to the mechanical changes, object speed, direction or size and other.

Automation of technical processes increases the functional quality, operational accuracy and stability. It reduces the human participation level in the processes. An automated process has more stable characteristics than manual. Process automation enables to increase productivity, to reduce process execution time and operating costs.

System developers offer professional advice, find and resolve defects that prevent correct operation of the system and implements system updates.

Technology Readiness Level Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
Partnership offer • Contracts for the system development and implementation of the system. • Consulting contracts. • Investments in a new spin-off company.
ID 140
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