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Innovation application: A Synchronous Reluctance Generator with an Additional Magnetization

Title A Synchronous Reluctance Generator with an Additional Magnetization

Wind power is one of the most common types of environment-friendly power generation. The efficiency of wind power acquisition also depends on the type of a generator used. Synchronous generators are widely used as source of commercial electrical energy. Synchronous reluctance generators have higher efficiency, faster dynamic response, lower maintenance costs, and simpler structure than other types of generators.

Keywords wind power, a wind turbine, a permanent magnet generator, a reluctance generator
Authors Edmunds Kamoliņš
Kārlis Sējējs
Rihards Elmanis-Helmanis
Kārlis Gulbis
Department (11213) Elektrisko mašīnu un aparātu katedra
(11200) Enerģētikas institūts
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Manufacture of electrical equipment
Scientific research and development
Description of the technology

A synchronous reluctance generator with an additional magnetization is proposed, which consisting of a multipolar, contactless generator with a toothed rotor without winding and a stator whose teeth are wound with the armature winding coils, which are electrically integrated in the excitation winding, and also a three phase transformer connected to generator armature winding clips. The transformer secondary winding is closed in a triangle and its outputs are connected to the rectifier.

Fig. 1. The synchronous relactance generator with additional magnetization.

The synchronous relactance generator with additional magnetization (Fig. 1) consists of a teeth rotor without winding (1) and a stator (2) on which teeth (3) are placed winding coils (4) electrically connected to the primary winding. The example shown in the Fig. 1, 24 winding coils (4) and 24 stator teeth (3) are created. The number of the rotor teeth (5) are 2 less than the number of the stator teeth.

Applications The proposed solution is applicable to companies that are involved in the development, production and upgrading of wind power generators. Synchronous reluctance generators are used as small and medium power wind generators, as well as in other electrical equipment, which require output voltage regulation in wide ranges of rotational frequency.

The proposed generator has increased reliability and efficiency by reducing the amount of copper and electrical losses in the generator windings, where excitation winding are electrically integrated in the armature winding, and higher the generator specific power by creating a three-phase winding with an increased winding coefficient.

Technology Readiness Level Technology validated in laboratory
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ID 143
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