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Innovation application: Dense Electro Conductive TiO2 Ceramics for Electrode Purposes

Title Dense Electro Conductive TiO2 Ceramics for Electrode Purposes

Dense tubular, culindrical or rod type electro conductive TiO2 ceramics are manufactured using extrusion technology with following high-temperature treatment. The obtained products are n-type semiconductors. The developed ceramics can be used for manufacturing of electrodes with high corrosion resistance. The manufacturing technology is developed in semi-industrial scale.

Keywords titanium dioxide, electrolyziz, electrode, ceramic, extrusion
Authors Jānis Ločs
Jurijs Ozoliņš
Kristaps Rubenis
Agnese Pūra
Līga Bērziņa-Cimdiņa
Department (14400) Vispārīgās ķīmijas tehnoloģijas institūts
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
Description of the technology

According to the developed technology, the commercial powders with particle size range from 0,2 - 0,3 micrometers are used to prepare extrusion mass, with following extrusion, drying and thermal treatment. The set of technological parameters ensure the obtaining of high quality and homogenious extrusion mass and qualitative extruded green bodies.

Fig. 1. An electrode example made from dense electro conductive TiO2 ceramics.

Applications Ceramic electrodes can be used for manufacturing of electrodes for electrolysis and electrolytical deposition. Electrodes obtained are resistant against solubility and oxidation.

The developed technology of product manufacturing allows to produce relatively cheap electrodes with high corrosion resistance. The used materials are nature friendly and do not contain heavy or noble elements.

Technology Readiness Level Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
Partnership offer • Technology transfer. • Joint research projects to improve the technology. • Other forms of cooperation by mutual agreement.
  • 14365
ID 17
Contact information Linda Šufriča, e-mail: inovacijas@rtu.lv; phone.: 28442736