Portable sliding ability measurment device and method used in on-field type experiments
Ernests Jansons, Jānis Lungevičs, Irīna Boiko

Description of the Technology

The method for determining the sliding ability with the invented device provides the following information: the actual value of the experimental object's sliding speed and its changes during the whole experiment, and information about the total sliding distance of the object. With the obtained data, it is possible to analyze the dynamics of movement and friction properties of the studied object.


The device is primarily intended for determining the friction properties of various materials sliding on the ice surface, but it can also be used to study other friction pairs, for example, the material slides on asphalt, plastic, rubber, wood, lawn, etc.


The device can be adapted for various studies of friction properties in the On-field type experimental mode. Continuous control over the sliding process.


Sliding ability,Coefficient of friction,On-field experiments

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