Environmental Product Declaration development
Maksims Feofilovs

Description of the Technology

The service includes:
  • Expert acquaintance with the company's processes and procedures
  • Data collection, processing and analysis
  • Product life cycle calculation using the latest modeling programs and databases
  • Preparation of the EPD document
  • Third party involvement of EPD certification is possible


1) To inform the company's employees about the impact of the product on the climate 2) Information for product development in accordance with regulatory enactments 3) Information for making strategic decisions in the company 4) Information on climate-friendly procurement 5) Information for the preparation of annual reports 6) Different types of marketing


• Reporting to public authorities, etc., on the environmental impact of the product;
• Increasing the value of the product in the sales market.



Life cycle analysis,Environmental impact assessment,Carbon footprint,Sustainability,Climate neutrality

The collection of information is provided by the Technology and Knowledge Transfer Centre.
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