Multi-channel data acquisition equipment and algorithms with National Instruments hardware in LabVIEW environment
Māris Gailis, Jānis Rudzītis, Edmunds Kamoliņš

Description of the Technology

The data recording system consists of a core unit from the US manufacturer National Instruments with easily replaceable digital and analogue input and output modules. It is also possible use a variety of dedicated sensor and signal input modules, such as strain gauge and bridge , temperature sensors, or gas concentration sensors. The base unit with the modules inserted in it is shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1. Example of configured measuremnt system

Our team will develop an appropriate hardware configuration. Creating a data acquisition, filtering and processing algorithm can be the most complex task in developing this type of measuring system. We are developing a data flow that is relevant to the results to be achieved, such as synchronized, parallel, and simultaneously recorded data flows, with the possibility of buffering and storing it safely. An example of a visual programming of data flow is shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 2. Example of data flow program


Such systems shall be suitable for the formation of test platforms. For example, for the development of complex measuring systems synchronized with the movement of a mechanism to analyze the operation of vehicle power sources or the gas flow and efficiency of pneumatic systems.


 When compared to measuring systems consisting of separate but closed algorithm equipment, the proposed system will be designed for the specific task, with understandable, easily improved and extensible functionality.


analogue,digital,signal,simultaneous,virtual instrument,labview,ni,national instruments

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