Test equipment for assessing technical condition of the final drive of road vehicles
Gundars Zalcmanis, Jānis Rudzītis, Ēriks Vonda

Description of the Technology

 The test equipment is designed as a stand-alone device for checking the technical condition of gearboxes (final drive, tractor side gear etc.). The basic module of the unit consists of a base with vibrating supports, a sliding gear unit mounting support with guides and a screw mechanism, a drive mechanism with a flexible clutch, a drive electric motor with a base, a frequency converter, a safety guard with guides, a control panel and electrical components. To evaluate the operation of the gear unit in the zones of the main units, it is equipped with temperature sensors, as well as the oil temperature is determined. The thermal mode in the most important gear units is evaluated. In addition, the addition of vibration and acoustic sensors and signal analysis are possible. In order to expand the functionality of the device, it can be supplemented with the loading device of the tested gear unit - with another flexible gearbox connected to the flexible coupling (main gearbox, on-board gearbox, etc.), the load-bearing electric motor and frequency converter.



Inspection and analysis of the adjustment and technical condition of gear units


 A stand-alone device for checking the technical condition of gearboxes


transmission,gearbox,final drive,bearings

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