Investigation of the microstructure of the prepared surface (with making photo)
Konstantins Savkovs, Ilmārs Blumbergs

Description of the Technology

Specially prepared samples of the material should be sent to the study of the microstructure. 1.The surface to be examined must be pre-ground and polished. If necessary, special etching may be needed to reveal the microstructure - to reveal grain boundaries, inclusions, secondary phases, etc. 2.The sample prepared in this way is placed in the vacuum chamber of the microscope, which is evacuated to a high vacuum. After that, Power is supplied to the electron gun and an electron beam is formed. With the help of an electromagnetic focusing system and a deflecting system, an electronic image is formed on the monitor. By gradually moving along the surface of the sample and changing the magnification, the areas of interest are determined, which are then photographed and saved in the system as image files.


Analysis of the condition of the created nano coatings, analysis of the surface condition of the parts.


Fast, qualitative analysis in a wide range of magnifications from x20 to x20000. Possibility to determine the size of image elements.


Nanocoating,microstructure,surface properties

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