Production technology of hybrid fibres nonwoven
Remo Merijs-Meri, Aina Bernava

Description of the Technology

For nonwoven web production the hemp fibres (length 55+/-5 mm)pre –treated with sodium hydroxide (200g/L), recycled polyethylene terftalate fibres(60+/-/2mm) and polypropylene fibres (20+/-2mm) were used.
The nonwoven web was made with laboratory carding machine( 337A Mesdan) from fibres blend, then the samples were cut out and laboratory press (LP-S-50/S ASTM) was used for nonwoven production with two conditions:
1. Pressure 26 +/-1kN and temperature 145 +/-5°C;
2. Pressure 32 +/-2kN and temperature 165 +/-5°C;
The surface parameters were calculated according LVS EN ISO 139:2005, mechanical properties LVS EN ISO 13934-1-2001, water penetration, according LVS EN ISO 20811:2001 and air permeability EN ISO 9237:1998 was used.


Produced nonwovens are applicable, where lightweight and water permeable materials are necessary, due to hemp fibres they are parttially biodegradables.


Produced nonwoven materials are lightweight, air and water permeable, as well as partially biodegradable due to incorporation of hemp fibres.


nonwoven,recycled polyethylene terephtalate fibres,hemp fibres,polypropylene fibres

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