Testing of the Colour Fastness to Dry and Wet Rubbing
Aina Bernava

Description of the Technology

 ests for colour fastness to rubbing is carry out, according to standard LVS EN ISO 105- X12: 2016 with tester Crockmeter 238 A of SDLA (Shirley Development Laboratories Atlas Inc. USA). The asess of colour fastness is with comparing of the white test sample with the standard sample. It shall be scored from 1 to 5 in nine grades - 5; 4-5; 4; 3-4; 3; 2-3; 2; 1-2; 1, where 1 indicates poor colour fastness and 5 excellent colour fastness.


It is possible to determine the rubbing fastness of colour textile (woven, non-woven, knitted, leather, polymers and similar materials).


The test of rubbing fastness it is the possibility to test individual samples to improve quality of product and the customer comfort and satisfaction. 


textiles,colour fastness,dry rubbing,wet rubbing,textile quality

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