Determination of solid biofuels size distribution (above 3.15 mm)
Vivita Priedniece, Viktorija Terjaņika, Miķelis Dzikēvičs, Vladimirs Kirsanovs

Description of the Technology

 The particle size distribution is determined using horizontally oscillating screen method. Method is used for fuels with a nominal top size of 3.15 mm and above. The used sieve sizes and performed steps are set out according to the international standard LVS EN ISO 17827-1:2016. Technology is suitable for fuel with a moisture content below 20 %. If the moisture content is higher, additional drying of fuel before a test is required.

Figure 1. Sieving machine and sieves before performing the test


The particle size distribution is an important characteristic parameter of uncompressed fuels. Method is used to determine the particles size distribution of fuels that are used for energy production and their applicability for proposed goals.


Environmental monitoring laboratory is an accredited laboratory in a scope of solid biofuel physical and mechanical testing. The laboratories in the institute have modern testing equipment which is operated by highly qualified personnel. It provides trustworthy and precise data from testing and allows to make scientifically justified conclusions. The use of the necessary equipment is easy to understand.


solid biofuels,fuel mechanical testing,sieving,size distribution

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