Development of the product design process
Anita Geriņa-Ancāne, Mārtiņš Irbe

Description of the Technology

The application of the design process during the pre-development or improvement period of the product allows to identify the essential needs that can solve consumer dissatisfaction, thus offering a new or improved conceptual product. The design process makes it possible to identify the weak points of the product development in the initial stages of product development, thus saving time, financial and production resources, and as a result, it makes it easier to make a decision about the need to start production of the product.


For companies in the development or pre-development stage of new or improved products; in the development of applications for state and European support programs for start-ups and companies, already from the beginning identifying the essential stages of product research and development.


Product design process allows to comprehend the main processes of product development or improvement, what facilitates decision making by planning and optimizing further stages of product development.


Design process,Sustainable design,Product development or improvement,Analysis of identified needs,Decision making

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