Development and testing of product prototype
Mārtiņš Irbe

Description of the Technology

Product prototype development can be evolved at several levels, depending on the set criteria of product readiness and quality. Product development can be provided partially or in the extent of 100%. By optimizing the product parameters, solutions are sought according to the product concept, taking into account the relevant criteria. For complex and expensive prototypes, alternative solutions are offered to reduce costs, production technologies and material options are sought. Testing of physical models can be replaced by virtual CAD models by performing both static and dynamic load analysis, as well as analysis of mechanisms or movements of their nodes.


For enterprises or physical persons in the process of development of new products. During the implementation of European support programs, if the conclusion of the project foresees the development of a prototype.


Qualitative product prototyping and testing provides an opportunity to identify and improve the product's weak physical, technical, ergonomic and aesthetic parameters. Effective prototyping and testing will significantly reduce the likelihood of error in the manufacturing process, inferior or flawed marketing materials, and consumer deception.


Prototype development,Prototype testing

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