DC-Grid LED luminaire and lighting system development and testing
Ansis Avotiņš, Mārtiņš Marcinkēvičs

Description of the Technology

The luminaire intended for direct current network consists of a set of LED diodes, which can be adapted to different types of application by placing it on a PCB board, forming a separate LED module. Such modules are connected both in series and in parallel and connected to a DC network power source. Both voltage and current are regulated.


The created calculation method and system allow you to determine how many diodes will be needed for the specific application (micromoles, lux, spectrum, etc.), the dimensions of the board, the type of power source, and the number of outputs.


A more precise spectrum for a specific application, modularity reduces production costs and reduces the required power W of the luminaire.

Using a single power supply provides better efficiency (reduces losses by at least 5%).


LED,luminaire,DC,lighting,lighting systems

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