Amplitude-frequency transmission characteristic curve measurements in C and L band with a high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer
Jānis Braunfelds, Uģis Seņkāns, Nauris Silkāns, Ints Murāns, Sandis Spolītis, Vjačeslavs Bobrovs

Description of the Technology

The measuring equipment consists of an Apex OSA-AP1 high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer (78 dB dynamic range, 0.04 pm resolution) with an integrated tunable source and optical laser tracking generator (for transmission characteristic curve measurements). The device is remotely controlled from a workstation through the GPIB interface while using MatLab software, which allows to save, process and analyze the measurement results in a digital format. It allows the provisioning of various devices (broadband diodes, laser source, OFC light source, etc.), sensors (fiber Bragg grating sensors; optical macro-bending sensors, etc.), optical chips, passive optical components (optical filters, isolators, circulators, splitters), etc. measurements of element amplitude-frequency transmission characteristic curve, OSNR and FWHM measurements in the wavelength range from 1526 nm to 1607 nm.


Various optical sensors (fiber Bragg grating, macro-bending, etc.), light sources (diodes, lasers, microsphere optical frequency combs, etc.), and passive optical components (optical filters, isolators, circulators, splitters, etc.). measurements of amplitude-frequency transmission characteristic curve measurements, OSNR, and FWHM measurements in the wavelength range from 1526 nm to 1607 nm with a 0.04 pm high accuracy.


  • high resolution measurements (0.04 pm);
  • high dynamic range (78 dB);
  • measurements in a wide wavelength range (1526 nm - 1607 nm);
  • convenient use (the measuring device is integrated into one device and can be controlled from a workstation);
  • universal use (for measurements of equipment, sensors, optical chips, component parameters and Amplitude-frequency transmission characteristic curve measurements).


amplitude-frequency transmission characteristics,high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer

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