Development of reinforced compositions from lignocellulosic fillers and recycled polyolefin matrix
Agnese Ābele, Remo Merijs-Meri, Madara Žiganova, Jānis Zicāns, Ivans Bočkovs

Description of the Technology

The reinforced composite is made from agricultural residual straw fibres (e.g. rapeseed, sweet clover or buckwheat) pre-treated with a sodium hydroxide solution and a recycled polyolefin matrix. Compositions in the broad composition range (10-40%) are obtained with a Lab Tech Engineering two-roll mill at 167 and 172 oC at rates 20 and 28 rpm 10min. After the melt compounding the composites are ground with a Retsch SM300 grinder at 900 rpm using a 6 mm sieve; for further testing of the mechanical properties of the composites, samples are obtained using a Minijector 55 at temperatures between 170 and 190 oC.


Industries such as construction and automotive, where such bio-based composites are already being used to replace the use of synthetic polymers.


This composite material has higher mechanical properties and is partially biodegradable due to the lignocellulosic fibres component.


recycled polyolefin,lignocellulosic fiber,agricultural residual,straw,reinforced composites

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