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Innovation application: Ceramic Crucibles for Denture Smelting by High-Speed High-Frequency Heating Equipment

Title Ceramic Crucibles for Denture Smelting by High-Speed High-Frequency Heating Equipment

Ceramic crucibles are intended for denture smelting in high-speed high-frequency heating equipment. The crucibles can be used for alloy steel melting for dental needs or for precious metals smelting for jewellers needs. This denture ceramics crucible composition and method of preparation provides the lifetime of 10 … 15 cycles of melting in a high-frequency furnace with a heating rate of 400 … 500oC/min.

Keywords Ceramic crucibles, dentures, dentistry, a precious metals smelter
Authors Laimons-Paulis Bīdermanis
Visvaldis Švinka
Ruta Švinka
Gerda Gaidukova
Andris Cimmers
Department (14100) Silikātu materiālu institūts
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Manufacture of basic metals
Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
Description of the technology

We offer thermal shock resistant ceramics and its manufacturing method for production of heat-resistant crucibles that are appropriate for alloy steel smelting in a high-frequency electric furnaces with the heating rate of 600 … 1000oC / min.

Fig. 1. The heat-resistant crucibles.

The ceramic composition consists of inorganic fillers, aluminosilicates binder and SiC additives. Plastic forming technique could be used to produce ceramic crucibles using plastic ceramic raw materials with the moisture content from 20.5 to 24.0 weight %. Ceramic crucible thermal treatment takes place at the temperature range of 840 … 850oC. The main properties of the heat-resistant crucibles are following: the density of ceramics – 1.91 … 1.89 g/cm3 ; the operating temperature – 1500 … 1550oC; alloy steel melting cycles in a crucible – 10 … 15.

Applications Ceramic crucibles are intended for denture smelting and precious metals smelting using high-speed high-frequency heating equipment.

The advantages of the developed technology are following: simple ceramic mass composition; inexpensive raw materials, low-temperature firing of the product that does not require large financial investments to develop the manufacturing facilities.

Technology Readiness Level Technology demonstrated in relevant environment
Partnership offer • Establishment of spin-off company to start production of ceramic crucibles and to develop new products. • Licensing contracts.
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Contact information email: santa.puskarjova@rtu.lv and ilmars.viksne@rtu.lv; phone number: +371 29373757 un +371 29187403