Determination of a Biofuel Calorific Value
Raimonda Soloha, Vivita Priedniece, Miķelis Dzikēvičs, Vladimirs Kirsanovs

Description of the Technology

Abiofuel calorific value is determined by using IKA C200 or IKA C2000 basic calorimeter system. A biofuel sample is combusted in decomposition vessel under specified conditions. Combustion is performed using the automatic isoperobolic method (reference temperature is 25 °C).

Fig. 1. The calorimeter system IKA C200.

Calorimeter calibration is carried out by combusting certified benzoic acid with a known gross calorific value. After the experiment the obtained gross calorific value of the biofuel sample is recalculated to determine the gross calorific value of dry mass, net calorific value of dry mass, net calorific value as received. Determination of the calorific value is performed according to LVS EN 14918:2010. In order to calculate the calorific value, a moisture content needs to be determined. The moisture content is determined according to LVS EN ISO 18134-1:2016, LVS EN ISO 18134-2:2016, LVS EN ISO 18134-3:2016. The calorific value is expressed using the following units: MJ/kg, kWh/kg and kcal/kg. A representative sample for analysis is prepared according to LVS EN 14780:2011 reducing particle size to 1 mm. The sample is tested in a pressed form preparing a pellet. If the pellet cannot be formed, the sample is combusted in a powdered form using combustion aid – acetobutyrate capsules or combustible crucible with the known gross calorific value.


A calorific value is one of the main parameters characterizing fuel. It determines how much energy can be gained by combusting a known quantity of fuel. The method can be used to determine the calorific value of various biofuel types (e.g. wood chips, wood pellets, briquettes etc.) that are used in CHP plants, district heating facilities or for individual heating. The method can be used to determine the calorific value for less frequently used fuels (e.g. buckwheat and sunflower husks) too. By knowing the calorific value of fuel, it is possible to evaluate combustion efficiency and potential application in heat generation.


Our laboratories have modern equipment and highly qualified personnel that allows to produce precise and accurate test data and provide scientifically based conclusions. Moreover, determination of the gross calorific value is fully automated.


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