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Innovation application: Optimisation of Drinking Water Treatment and Supply Systems

Title Optimisation of Drinking Water Treatment and Supply Systems

Nowadays, each city is provided with drinking water supply system, which is constructed to ensure the supply of clean and safe drinking water to the consumer. The key elements of the system are a water source, drinking water treatment, and distribution. Unfortunately, each of these steps faces numerous challenges, to ensure the uninterrupted and high-quality performance with optimal energy consumption. In most of the cases, the water utilities are responsible for addressing those problems. However, there might be more complicated and specific problems within the systems where individual and scientific approach should be applied. For example unexplained deterioration of the drinking water quality, periodically inefficient network disinfection, high energy consumption or unexplained water turbidity.

Water Research laboratory provides consultations to ensure safe and tasty drinking water to every costumer.

Keywords drinking water supply systems, drinking water treatment, drinking water quality, water supply networks
Authors Tālis Juhna
Jānis Rubulis
Kristīna Tihomirova
Linda Mežule
Kamila Gruškeviča
Sandis Dejus
Department (24601) Ūdens pētniecības zinātniskā laboratorija
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Scientific research and development
Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Description of the technology

 Water Research Laboratory offer to do the monitoring and consultation on following topics:

  1. Variations of drinking water quality (water source, drinking water treatment facilities, drinking water distribution network);
  2. Turbidity of drinking water/flushing of drinking water distribution networks;
  3. Disinfection drinking water and its efficiency;
  4. Drinking water treatment technologies;
  5. Water safety plans;
  6. Optimization of power and chemical consumptions.

Deterioration of drinking water quality is the most common cause of customer complaints. Water Research Laboratory offers to do drinking water quality monitoring at the water source, drinking water treatment plant, drinking water consumption points to identify the possible reasons for the deterioration of drinking water quality and propose the possible theoretical and technical solutions.

Fig. 1. Rinsing of the drinking water distribution network.

Turbid water is one of the most common issues regards the drinking water all over the world. Our specialists offer to analyze the existing system, identify the risks, prepare flushing programs, and consult on flushing of the drinking water distribution network.

It is very common that the drinking water disinfection methods and used disinfectant concentrations are not effective. We offer to prepare new or improve existing drinking water disinfection programs regards to optimization of disinfection quality and consumption of disinfectant.

We offer to find the proper technological solution for specific drinking water treatment situations and do the expertise on existing plants to identify the problematical and potentially improvable phases of treatment.

We offer the consultation and expertise on preparation on the improvement of drinking water safety plans.

Water Research Laboratory specialists do the optimization of drinking water treatment plants regards the power and chemical consumptions.

Applications Water Research Laboratory offers consultations to every legal or private person and water utilities who have met with the issues regarding drinking or process water quality and treatment.

We have 20 years’ experience in water research and technology. Our laboratories have modern equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Technology Readiness Level Actual system proven in operational environment
Partnership offer • Contracts for research and consulting services. • Collaborative projects.
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Contact information Linda Šufriča, e-mail: inovacijas@rtu.lv; phone.: 28442736