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Innovation application: Revitalization Concept: Consulting and Development

Title Revitalization Concept: Consulting and Development

Revitalization is a transformation of the territory. It is a long-term process, the implementation of which requires significant financial resources. In order to minimize the risks associated with the process, the concept of revitalization is needed, the concept of revitalization is an analytical material gathered in the system and the resulting beliefs about the long-term development of a particular territory. The concept is a topical precondition for optimal decision making. The concept uses a complex, focused, customer oriented approach, resource optimization, and sustainability. The process of revitalization promotes changes in the social structure of the population in a particular area, the formation and concentration of new economic activities in it, contributes to the improvement of the area's compactness and the quality of the environment. As a result, the territory becomes attractive for people with higher purchasing power, and also increases investor interest in the territory to meet their interests. The perspective of spatial development is important for creating a vital, orderly and living space. Due to disparate infrastructure and insecure environments, territories lose their attractiveness in the eyes of citizens and business, thereby exacerbating the further degradation, cultural, visual and economic degradation of these areas.

Keywords quality of life, revitalization, territorial sustainability, compactness strategy, risk minimization
Authors Sandra Treija
Uģis Bratuškins
Edgars Bondars
Sarmīte Barvika
Jānis Krastiņš
Antra Viļuma
Renāte Čaupale
Department (26000) Arhitektūras fakultāte
Statistical Classification of Economic Activities, NACE 2 Architectural and engineering activities; technical testing and analysis
Other professional, scientific and technical activities
Description of the technology

The concept of the territory includes the following thematic groups:

  • holistic analysis of the territory, identifying the elements of the protected natural base (landscape, relief, groups of trees);
  • description of the territory's future strengths and defining development goals;
  • determining the sequence of priorities or development activities;
  • assessment of the necessary resources;
  • materials for future visualization of the territory.

Advice and development on the above-mentioned thematic groups are offered.

Applications The concept or its separate thematic groups can be developed: • housing estates • urban historical centres; • urban gardens; • old towns; • ports; • recreation and entertainment areas; • tourism objects; • castles and manors; • interior plots for reconstruction and improvement; • other similar objects.

The implementation of the concept allows to create the territory identity and to increase economic activity. New job opportunities are emerging. The interest of potential investors will increase as there is a target customer, and visualization is a solid demonstration of investment results. The concept provides a high level of efficiency in consulting with community representatives. The implementation of the revitalization concept contributes to the protection of the natural environment, reduces the threat to the green area, reduces the flow of road transport, improves the quality of the environment, reduces the length of engineering networks, maintenance costs and the possibility of accidents. It promotes the development of a smart territory by turning the restored areas into popular and prestigious business, residential, tourist and entertainment spots, as well as reduces migration.

Technology Readiness Level Actual system proven in operational environment
Partnership offer • Consulting contracts on the development of a long-term development plan of the territory or its components. • Cooperation in the implementation of the concept. • Drafting contracts.
ID 88
Contact information Linda Šufriča, e-mail: inovacijas@rtu.lv; phone.: 28442736