The generator of vertical airstream for a free-flying of human
Valērijs Ušakovs, Nataļja Sidenko, Gints Filipsons

Generator of vertical airstream is the main unit of stationary, demountable or mobile installations of open type for creating the conditions of free-flying of human in the vertical airstream. All elements of proposed generator, including aerodynamical screw, are compactly located inside of the one short vertical axisymmetric gas-dynamic channel (height of the channel is approximately equal to radii of the screw), which consists of the curvilinear inlet device and coaxially connected to it rectilinear cylindrical channel. In the initial section of cylindrical channel there is coaxially mounted the aerodynamic screw, which creates the air flow, and behind it at the short distance coaxially located the device made from sheet material, which is simultaneously directing and smoothing flow, and consists from the coaxial rings of equal height, truncated cones and radial curvilinear blades with the constant or variable along radii geometric twist. Blades are mounted between the rings and the cones along radii and are displaced on a certain angle relative to each other in such a way that they would be located inside the directing and smoothing device in checkerboard order and in the central region of the directing and smoothing device number of blades was less than on the periphery. In the center of directing and smoothing device opposite to the propeller hub for eliminating the velocity "drop" zone near the axis of airstream are coaxially mounted two thin-walled cones which are tapered and truncated along stream, between the walls of which are fixed several short flat blades, twisting a stream between cones. The motor of screw or its reducer, are coaxially mounted on the inlet or before the inlet device in a zone of the low velocities of flow.

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