Method for production of nanostructured composite
Jurijs Dehtjars, Sanda Kronberga, Marina Romanova, Ēriks Dombrovskis, Igors Kozaks

The invention relates to nanostructured composite materials for use in aerospace industry, manufacture of automobiles, shipbuilding, construction building and other fields of production and construction. A method for production of nanostructured composite that consists of an epoxy matrix and a dielectric nanoparticle filler is provided. According to the method before adding nanoparticles to the matrix, the electric charge of the nanoparticle surface is modified by irradiation of nanoparticles with ionizing radiation whose photon energy is higher than 5 eV. The irradiation of nanoparticles is carried out at room temperature (20–25 °C). The irradiated nanoparticles have an improved adhesion between the epoxy resin matrix and nanoparticles resulting in improved mechanical properties of the nanostructured composite.

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