Composite material containing minispheres
Viktors Mironovs, Aleksejs Tatarinovs

The invention relates to mechanical engineering, powder metallurgy and additive technologies. A new composite material comprising microspheres and a perforated matrix is provided. Said matrix is met as a clamp and can contain separate minispheres or conglomerates of minispheres. Said minispheres may be hollow metallic, ceramic, polymer or glass minispheres. A method for manufacturing the composite material comprises the following steps: preparation of minispheres, incorporation of said minispheres in holes of the perforated matrix and joining the minispheres with the matrix. Said matrix is bent in a shape of a clamp to fix the minispheres and then a block is formed. Use of a perforated sheet or ribbon as a matrix allows to arrange the layer of minispheres in the volume of an article according to a specific orientation. Said composite material can be used in the field of transport, mechanical engineering, chemistry and production of household appliances, e.g., for the manufacture of parts of vibration dampers and braking systems.

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