Synchronous reluctance generator with an addition magnetization
Edmunds Kamoliņš, Kārlis Sējējs, Rihards Elmanis-Helmanis, Kārlis Gulbis

The invention relates to the electromechanical sector, more precisely to synchronous reluctance generators, which are used as low and medium power generators with variable rotational frequency, such as wind power plants.The objective of the invention is to increase reliability and efficiency by reducing the amount of copper and electrical losses in the generator windings, where excitation winding are electrically integrated in the armature winding and to increase the generator’s specific power by creating a three-phase winding with increased winding factor.A synchronous reluctance generator with an additional magnetization is provided. Said generator comprises a toothed windingless rotor, a stator  whose teeth are wound with the armature winding coils, which are electrically integrated in the excitation winding, and a three-phase transformer that is connected to the winding coils of the generator armature. The secondary winding of the transformer is closed in a triangle and its outputs are connected to the rectifier.

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