Construction of hollow metal minispheres and production method thereof
Viktors Mironovs, Aleksejs Tatarinovs, Pāvels Onufrijevs, Artūrs Medvids

The invention relates to mechanical engineering, powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing technologies. The invented construction consists of interconnected hollow metal minispheres and is characterized in that the wall of minisphere has at least one perforated opening. The minispheres may be filled with liquid to allow the construction to absorb vibration and accumulate heat.The method for the manufacturing of the hollow minisphere construction involves the interconnection of minispheres by heating the contact area of minispheres using laser welding. Through at least one pre-formed permeable opening in the wall of the minisphere a further heating from inside of minisphere with local laser radiation is done until the minispheres are interconnected. If the minispheres are filled with liquid, the openings are hermetically sealed with an easily melting material which melting point is lower than the melting temperature of the minisphere material.The invention can be used for manufacturing composite parts in aviation, transport, mechanical engineering, and home appliances, such as vibration and noise suppressors and brake system components.

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