Device for assessment of self-correction of scoliosis patient
Aleksejs Kataševs, Aleksandrs Okss, Pēteris Eizentāls, Gundars Rusovs, Agate Leimane

The invention relates to smart textile devices and is intended for scoliosis patients for evaluating movements during performing of corrective exercises. The present invention relates to a textile product (shirt) (1) which is fitted to the torso and has two tensile sensors (2) integrated in the back part and a data acquisition module (5) with a data transmission function to a computer or smartphone for visualization of data. The location of sensors is individually adapted for each patient, taking into account the projections of the patient's anatomical markers on the textile surface. The invention is applicable to physical therapy of scoliosis in physician-orthopedic practice to provide the patient with self-control during performing of corrective exercises without the presence of a physician.

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