Wind energy conversion device
Jānis Vība, Vitālijs Beresņevičs, Mārtiņš Irbe, Igors Tipāns, Edgars Kovals, Māris Eiduks, Shravan Koundinya Vutukuru

The invention pertains to the field of wind power engineering, to the equipment intended for transformation of airflow kinetic energy into other kinds of energy. The wind energy conversion device contains a flat blade (1), attached to the rotating axle (2) by a cylindrical axial pivot, where the rotating axle (2) coincides with the symmetry axis z1 of the flat blade (1) and is firmly connected to the slider (3), which has the ability of translation motion along special guides in the direction of the x axis, in addition, the translation movement of the slider (3) is limited by springs (4) and shock absorbers (5). Besides, the turning of the flat blade (1) around the rotating axle (2) is limited by the rotational spring (6) and rotational shock absorber (7). Perpendicular to the lateral surface of the flat blade (1), a crank (8) is firmly attached, which is connected by a pivot to the rod (9). Besides, the rod (9) is connected by a pivot to the slider (10) of a linear generator, which has the ability to move along the inside of the electric coil (11) in the direction of the x1 axis.

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