Gas detections sensor using diode optical stimulation
Maksims Šneiders, Jurijs Dehtjars, Maksims Komars

The invention relates to the field of industrial gas detectors, in particular to gas detection sensors which can be used for gas detection and concentration evaluation. Such sensors are used, for example, to evaluate atmospheric pollution, to control various gas leaks, as well as in the medical industry.

The limiting factor for evaluating low gas concentrations is the signal-to-noise ratio. The object of the invention is to increase this ratio. The object of the invention is achieved by amplifying the signal using at least two diodes (p-n junctions).

A sensor according to the invention includes at least two alloy-junction germanium diodes (1a) and (1b) connected to each other by an n-type semiconductor, as well as an UV light source (2), a supply voltage contact (3) and an ammeter (4), can be implemented in various configurations. For example, resistors, controllers or other electrical circuit elements can be connected, another type of power supply (such as a pulse power supply) or an optical radiation source may be used in addition.

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