Portable slip detection device and method
Ernests Jansons, Jānis Lungevičs, Irīna Boiko

The invention refers to the machinery and equipment construction industry and indirectly to the metrology and tribology industries. Primarily it is intended for determining the friction properties of various materials sliding on the ice surface. However, it can also be used to study other friction pairs; for example, the asphalt, plastic, rubber, wood, lawn, could be used as a material on which the experimental object is tested.

The device consists of a drive unit (1), which, using an adjustable pneumatic cylinder (8), pushes the experimental object (2) from a steady-state with a certain acceleration. As a result of the applied force, the experimental object (2) begins to slide on the surface (4). Rotation-type displacement measuring sensors (10) provide continuous monitoring of the sliding process using an inelastic cord (14) connecting the drive unit (1) to the experimental object (2) via a roller system (12).

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