Climate neutral district heat supply system
Jeļena Pubule, Dagnija Blumberga, Andra Blumberga, Ieva Pakere

The invention refers to the energy sector, in particular the climate neutral use of district heating, heat pumps and solar energy for heating and hot water supply. The aim of the invention is to address the shortcomings of previous levels of technology and to offer a solution for a climate neutrality and efficient combined district heating system that allows for an achievement of EU Green deal goals and increase in energy efficiency in district heating networks of 5 % and reduce GHG emissions. In a climate neutral district heat supply system, the heat pump is connected to the heat pump antifreeze supply pipe and the heat pump antifreeze return flows pipe, which are installed in parallel to the district heating supply and return flows pipes. The invention includes the connection of solar PV panels to the heat pump, from which electricity is supplied to the stratification tank with an electric heater, which is connected to the supply pipe of the district heating network.
The increase in energy efficiency is achieved by combining the use of district heating, heat pumps and solar energy.

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