Synchonous wind generator
Nikolajs Levins, Edmunds Kamoliņš, Kārlis Sējējs, Kārlis Gulbis, Rihards Elmanis-Helmanis

The invention relates to electromechanical industry, particularly to synchronous electric machines with excitation from the permanent magnets, which are widely applied for the small and medium power wind generators. A synchronous wind generator with excitation from permanent magnet and with concentrated armature winding (tooth coil) is proposed (fig.3). Differences of proposed generator's construction from well-known constructions are the following: number of generator's stator teeth is proportional to doubled phase number of the armature winding and for the generator's poles is one common divider which is equal to 2. Besides the difference of stator teeth and rotor pole number is equal to 2. The proposed wind generator is recommended to be produced with multiphase execution, i.e. with a number of phases which is larger than 3. Fulfilling all the above constructive peculiarities, generator has a significantly reduced teeth braking torque between the stator teeth and the rotor poles, which provides a wind generator starting up at lower wind speed. At the same time an increase of wind generator's power density and capacity of utilization rate, as well as reliability and lifetime resource is provided.

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