Device and method for determination of sliding properties
Jānis Lungevičs, Ernests Jansons, Klāvs Stiprais, Kārlis-Agris Gross

The invention is related to the field of machinery and apparatus construction, as well as to metrology. Application is mainly related to investigation slip properties of friction pair metal-ice, but it can equally be applied for investigation of slip properties of other materials on a variety of substrate materials, i.e. polymer-ice, metal-metal, etc. The invented device shown in Fig.1 consists of a rack (1), inclined plane (2), angle adjustment unit (3) shown in Fig.3, optical sensors (5), locking units (6) of inclined plane, and sample capture/activation units (7). The invention allows to perform measurements with minimal involvement of operator. The invented measurement method provides the following information about investigated sample (17): sliding time of the overall distance, sliding times for all distances between optical sensors (5) and instantaneous sliding speed for at least four overall distance stages.

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