Temperature shock-resistant porous cordierite ceramic
Māris Rundāns, Gaida Maruta Sedmale, Ingunda Šperberga

The invention pertains to high-temperature ceramic materials with high porosity for prolonged use in technological processes subject to rapid temperature changes, as well as for filtering (purifying) materials for use in a wide temperature range (20–600 °C), including in automotive engines for exhaust gas purification. The porous ceramics is obtained from a mixture of raw materials consisting in mass % of natural mineral raw materials (illite clay 28,5–32,5 and quartz sand 21,0–26,5) and of synthetic raw materials (MgCO3 19,2–20,0 and Al(OH)3 26,0–29,5). The offered mixture of raw materials in the high temperature sintering process at 1200–1300 °C provides porous ceramics with formation of a total pore volume of 30–40 %. It has a relatively high compressive and bending strength, with values ranging 40–45 MPa and 18,5–21,0 MPa accordingly, as well as a high thermal shock (1000/20 °C) resistance and a long lasting resistance in temperatures greater or equal to 600 °C.

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