Estimation of Patrametrs of Soil Vibration due to Impact Loading
Svetlana Polukoshko, Vladimirs Gonca, Svetlana Sokolova

the results of the finite element analysis of impact action on structure and soil are presented in this work. Finite element analysis is executed by means of Plaxis program, whichenables to take into account soil - structure interaction. The next problems are discussed: vertical impact on concrete foundation, modeled with axisymmetric models, and horizontal impact on the sheet-piling and on the concrete bridge pier, simulated with plane strain models.

Plaxis, soil vibration, impulse force, impact time, Rayleigh damping

Polukoshko, S., Gonca, V., Sokolova, S. Estimation of Patrametrs of Soil Vibration due to Impact Loading. In: Vibration Problems ICOVP2011: Springer Proceedings in Physics. Vol.139. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, 2011. pp.337-345. ISBN 978-94-007-2068-8. e-ISBN 978-94-007-2069-5. ISSN 0930-8989. Available from: doi:10.1007/978-94-007-2069-5_46

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