Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Bifurcation Groups and Rare Attractors
Mihails Zakrževskis, Raisa Smirnova, Igors Ščukins, Vladislavs Jevstigņejevs, Valentīns Frolovs, Aleksejs Klokovs, Eduards Šilvāns

The book covers new previously unknown fundamental laws governing the behavior of dynamic models in the framework of an interdisciplinary science of "nonlinear dynamics and chaos". The bifurcation theory of nonlinear dynamical systems and the method of complete bifurcation groups developed by the authors are applied for global analysis of typical dynamical models of different types. New nonlinear effects were found, the birth of the previously unknown rare attractors is shown for different dynamical systems, and new bifurcation groups with complex protuberances were obtained. This monograph is intended for students of different specialties who have basic knowledge in amount of the 1st year technical colleges and universities, as well as those interested in modern problems and methods of nonlinear oscillation theory and nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation analysis, method of complete bifurcation groups, rare attractors, chaos

Zakrževskis, M., Smirnova, R., Ščukins, I., Jevstigņejevs, V., Frolovs, V., Klokovs, A., Šilvāns, E. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Bifurcation Groups and Rare Attractors. Riga: Riga Technical University, 2012. 181 p. ISBN 978-9934-10-297-4.

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