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Publikācija: Admissible Evacuation Time

Publication Type Publications in RTU scientific journal
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language Admissible Evacuation Time
Field of research 5. Social sciences
Sub-field of research 5.2 Economics and Business
Authors Vladimirs Jemeļjanovs
Jeļena Malahova
Māris Ziemelis
Jānis Bartušauskis
Oļegs Sņegovs
Keywords evacuation time, fire, fire hazard factors
Abstract Fire always is unexpected. Therefore, to decrease count of victims during the panic, it is essential to timely leave a dangerous place. Unfortunately, quick and smooth evacuation is not possible in many buildings where fire safety should be at the highest level. One of the greatest civil threat risks is obstacles that impede escape from fire or other incident that can happen in the building. Therefore, more precise research and methododoly are needed for determination of admissible evacuation time.
Reference Jemeļjanovs, V., Malahova, J., Ziemelis, M., Bartušauskis, J., Sņegovs, O. Admissible Evacuation Time. Safety of Technogenic Environment. Vol.2, 2012, pp.42-45. ISSN 2255-6923. e-ISSN 2255-8705.
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