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Publikācija: A Forecast Model for Projecting the Amount of Hazardous Waste

Publication Type Publication (anonimusly reviewed) in a journal with an international editorial board indexed in other databases
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Publication language English (en)
Title in original language A Forecast Model for Projecting the Amount of Hazardous Waste
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.7 Environmental engineering and energetics
Authors Jānis Vilgerts
Lelde Timma
Dagnija Blumberga
Keywords forecast models, hazardous waste management, sustainable development, waste management indicators
Abstract The objective of the paper is to develop the forecast model for the HW flows. The methodology of the research included 6 modules: historical data, assumptions, choose of indicators, data processing, and data analysis with STATGRAPHICS, and forecast models. The proposed methodology was validated for the case study for Latvia. Hypothesis on the changes in HW for time period of 2010-2020 have been developed and mathematically described with confidence level of 95.0 % and 50.0 %. Sensitivity analysis for the analyzed scenarios was done. The results show that the growth of GDP affects the total amount of HW in the country. The total amount of the HW is projected to be within the corridor of – 27.7 % in the optimistic scenario up to +87.8 % in the pessimistic scenario with confidence level of 50.0 % for period of 2010-2020. The optimistic scenario has shown to be the least flexible to the changes in the GDP growth.
Hyperlink: http://www.waset.org/journals/waset/v78/v78-73.pdf 
Reference Vilgerts, J., Timma, L., Blumberga, D. A Forecast Model for Projecting the Amount of Hazardous Waste. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 2013, Vol.78, pp.502-505. ISSN 2010-376X. e-ISSN 2010-3778.
ID 15574