Rare Attractors in Discrete Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Mihails Zakrževskis, Dmitrijs Pikuļins, Aleksejs Klokovs, Raisa Smirnova, Vladislavs Jevstigņejevs, Igors Ščukins

This monograph is devoted to the new results of research on standard essentially nonlinear discrete-time dynamical systems, acquired on the basis of the so-called “bifurcation theory of dynamical systems”, developed by the members of the scientific group “Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Complexity” at the Institute of Mechanics, Riga Technical University (RTU) under the guidance of one of the authors of the preface.

Bifurcations, chaos, discrete systems, instabilities,rare attractors, subharmonics.

Zakrževskis, M., Pikuļins, D., Klokovs, A., Smirnova, R., Jevstigņejevs, V., Ščukins, I. Rare Attractors in Discrete Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. Rīga: 2013. 106 p.

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