Improvement of Smart Textile Products Design
Inese Kašurina

25.04.2014. 12:00, Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes Dizaina Tehnoloģiju institūtā, Āzenes ielā 18, 117. auditorijā

Ausma Viļumsone, Aleksandrs Vališevskis

Dana Almli, Juris Prikulis, Eugenija Strazdiene

The main research goal of this doctoral thesis was to analyze types and technologies of electronic systems integration into clothing and textiles, developing design process of smart textile products for improvement and more accurate prognostication of usage qualities. In introduction part research topicality is outlined, research goal and objectives are defined, research approbation is stated. In the first charpter review of smart textile products is performed, electronic elements for smaret textile products design are described and electrotextile designing technologies are illustrated. In the second charpter research materiāls and methods are described (data analyse methids, test methods, measurement methods). In the third charpter results are presented. Behaviour of electro-conductive textile materials was studied as well as three prototype groups were designed and analysed, which describes different ways of electronic system attachement to smart textile products – moisture sensor (fiber technology), textile displays (integration technology), microclimate monitoring jacket (block technology). In the fourth charpter structure of starting data information for smart textile products was formed and structural model of smart products design process was developed. In the last charpter conclusions of the research are discussed. Doctoral thesis includes introduction, 4 charpters, conclusions, list of literature with 147 sources, 4 appendices, 106 figures, 24 tables. Thesis contains 172 pages.

smart textiles, smart clothing, smart textile products design process

Kašurina, Inese. Improvement of Smart Textile Products Design. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2014. 172 p.

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