Development of Textile Based Sewn Switches for Smart Textile
Advanced Materials Research 2015
Ingrīda Šahta, Aleksandrs Vališevskis, Ilze Baltiņa, Sniedze Ozola

The intelligent systems of smart textile should contain flexible electronics, for example, sewn or stitched textile elements that function as conductive traces, sensor elements, electrodes or switches. The experiments for development of sewn touch and push switches performed. For this reason silver-coated multifilament polyamide and multifilament stainless steel yarns were used and their properties and suitability tested. Tests include the changes of electrical resistance of yarns during tension, measurements of yarn voltage loss at 50 mA current; experiments to assess the yarn suitability for sewing; reliability tests of switches during use.

smart textiles, electronic textiles, textile-based switch, conductive yarns

Šahta, I., Vališevskis, A., Baltiņa, I., Ozola, S. Development of Textile Based Sewn Switches for Smart Textile. Advanced Materials Research, 2015, Vol. 1117, pp.235-238. ISSN 1662-8985. Available from: doi:10.4028/

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