Zero Emissions and Bio-refineries for Natural Fibres, Biomaterials and Energy: Genesis of Concepts. Review
Jānis Grāvītis, Valery Ozols-Kalnins, Arnis Kokorevics, Janis Abolins, Silvija Kukle, Anna Šutka, Martins Andzs, Ramunas Tupciauskas, Andris Vēveris

Depletion of world recourses, increasing pollution, and climate change make us to shift from linear economy to system economy-an economy of technologies integrated to reach a system of non-pollution zero emission production. Transition to renewable resources requires replacing the present crude oil refinery by biomass refinery. Along with conventional biomass refinery technologies bioengineering and nano-technologies become significant players in systems designed as clusters of integrated bio-refinery technologies. The authors consider a number of case studies of biomass conversion into value-added shemicals and courses of energy, the steam explosion auto-hydrolysis (SEA) in particulars. Research of wood and non-wood (hemp,etc.) fibres demonstrates feasibility, for example, of value added textiles, self-binding bio-composite boards, heat insulation micro- and nano-materials. Serious breakthroughts require revision of the structures of fundamental natural macromolecules, particularly the complexity, scaning and fractality of lignin.

Zero emissions, Bio-refinery, Steam explosion, Lignin complexity, Natural fibres

Grāvītis, J., Ozols-Kalnins, V., Kokorevics, A., Abolins, J., Kukle, S., Putnina, A., Andzs, M., Tupciauskas, R., Vēveris, A. Zero Emissions and Bio-refineries for Natural Fibres, Biomaterials and Energy: Genesis of Concepts. Review. In: Sustainable Development, Knowledge Society and Smart Future Manufacturing Technologies. W.Filho, A.Ūbelis, D.Bērziņa ed. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2015. pp.125-147. ISBN 978-3-319-14882-3. e-ISBN 978-3-319-14883-0. ISSN 2199-7373. e-ISSN 2199-7381. Available from: doi:10.1007/978-3-319-14883-0_9

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