Investigation of Fuel Effect on Biomass Gasification Process Using Equilibrium Model
Agronomy Research 2015
Vladimirs Kirsanovs, Aivars Žandeckis

Gasification is one of the most promising technologies of converting biomass into energy. Different type of biomass can be used for gasification process since there are no strict limitations for parameters of used fuel. Various types of biomass are used in Latvia for production of energy. Wood fuels make up the main part of used biomass in Latvia. However, many non-wood biomass types are available as well. This study presents the comparison of wood and non-wood biomass use in gasification process. Biomass gasification model based on thermodynamic equilibrium was used to simulate gasification process with various biomass types. All input parameters were constant in model except fuel properties. In general gasification process was simulated with seven types of biomass – draff from beer production, common reed, middling from oats and wheat sieving, straw from grain cultivation, buckwheat hulls, rapeseed by-product from biofuel production, as well as wood. These non-wood biomass types are available in Latvia. Produced syngas calorific value and gasification process efficiency are taken as the indicators to examine the gasification performances using various biomass types. The regression model was proposed to describe relation between fuel properties and efficiency of the gasification process. Results show that non-wood biomass can be successfully used for gasification process. Ash content growth in the fuel promotes temperature decrease in the reactor. Fuel chemical composition has effect on the produced syngas composition and heating value.

biomass gasification, non-wood biomass, thermodynamic model, syngas

Kirsanovs, V., Žandeckis, A. Investigation of Fuel Effect on Biomass Gasification Process Using Equilibrium Model. Agronomy Research, 2015, Vol.13, No.2, pp.511-519. ISSN 1406-894X.

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