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Publikācija: Effect of Spray Dryer Settings on the Morphology of Illite Clay Granules

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Title in original language Effect of Spray Dryer Settings on the Morphology of Illite Clay Granules
Field of research 2. Engineering and technology
Sub-field of research 2.4 Chemical engineering
Authors Agnese Stunda Zujeva
Valentīna Stepanova
Līga Bērziņa-Cimdiņa
Keywords clay, illite, Latvian clay powder, spray-drying, slurry
Abstract Spray drying is an effective and common method for powder, e.g. clay drying. The morphology and properties of spray dried granules depend on slurry properties and operational conditions of spray dryer. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of spray dryer settings on the morphology of illite clay granules. Laboratory scale spray dryer was used. Operational conditions: the inlet temperature were 190-220˚C, outlet temperature 70-96˚C, spray dispersion is obtained in two-fluid nozzle where slurry feed varied from 4.5 till 15 ml/min and gas pressure 15-40 mm. Slurry was prepared from clay fraction under 2 µm without additives. Latvian illite clays from Iecava, Pavāri and Laža deposits were studied. Slurries with concentration 1, 8 and 15 mass% was used. The size and morphology was investigated by scanning electron microscopy, surface area and porosity by nitrogen (N2 77K) sorption. All obtained granules irrespective of spray dryer settings were well-rounded and dense without large pores or holes, however the surface was rough. The mean diameter of granules was in range of 2.6-5.4 µm, depending on slurry feed rate. The surface area of produced granules mostly depended on clay composition and was in a range of 70-92 m2/g. Inlet temperature in a range of 190-220 °C was found to be appropriate to produce well dried clay granules (moisture content <10 wt%)
DOI: 10.17770/etr2015vil1.200
Hyperlink: http://journals.ru.lv/index.php/ETR/article/view/200 
Reference Stunda-Zujeva, A., Stepanova, V., Bērziņa-Cimdiņa, L. Effect of Spray Dryer Settings on the Morphology of Illite Clay Granules. In: Environment.Technology. Resources: Proceedings of the 10th International Scientific and Practical Conference, Latvia, Rēzekne, 18-20 June, 2015. Rēzekne: Rēzeknes Augstskola, 2015, pp.216-222. ISBN 978-9984-44-171-9. ISSN 1691-5402. e-ISSN 2256-070X. Available from: doi:10.17770/etr2015vil1.200
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