Cooperative Problem-Based Learning Approach in Environmental Engineering Studies
Agronomy Research 2014
Silvija Nora Kalniņš, Sarma Valtere, Jūlija Gušča, Kārlis Valters, Kristaps Kašs, Dagnija Blumberga

Market requirements and competition in the job market set the necessity for an engineering specialist capable of not only analysing the theory of a situation but also able to transfer theoretical knowledge into practise. In order to lessen the degree to which students are isolated from those real-life situations with which they will be working with daily upon graduating, it is important to integrate a problem-based learning approach based on the study course. The paper describes a Cooperative Problem-Based Learning Approach used in Environmental Engineering Studies and provides progress analysis about 8 years of experience in organizing the course.

environmental management systems, teaching method, Environmental Science, study course, students.

Kalniņš, S., Valtere, S., Gušča, J., Valters, K., Kašs, K., Blumberga, D. Cooperative Problem-Based Learning Approach in Environmental Engineering Studies. Agronomy Research, 2014, Vol.12, No.2, pp.663-672. ISSN 1406-894X.

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