Shape Optimization of Shaped Pads of Barrel Support of Tank Wagon
Aleksandrs Januševskis, Anatolijs Meļņikovs, Aleksandrs Boiko

In this work, the authors’ proposed technique for shape optimization of real industrial objects is illustrated by an example of obtaining the shape of the pads that support the barrel of a tank wagon. As a result, the concentration of stresses is significantly reduced in the barrel support areas. According to statistical data, the appearance of the cracks in these areas often causes damages of the barrels. The optimization technique is based on using software of CAD/CAE, design of experiment, approximation, and optimization. The shape of the pads is defined by the non-uniform rational B-spline polygon points that further serve as the variables of optimization. To reduce the necessary computational resources, the finite element models of the tank wagon are replaced with the high-quality metamodels that are based on the local polynomial approximation. For creation of the metamodels, the space-filling Latin hypercube experimental designs based on the minimal Mean Squared Distance criteria are employed. In accordance with this design, the responses are calculated for the full finite element model of the tank wagon. Then, the obtained responses are used for creation of the metamodels. The metamodels, in their turn, are used in optimization procedures. This ensures a resource-saving approach for shape optimization of the objects. Specific recommendations for the shape of the pads of the barrel support of the tank wagon are given in this work.

barrel support, railway tank wagon, experiment design and analysis, shape optimization

Januševskis, A., Meļņikovs, A., Boiko, A. Shape Optimization of Shaped Pads of Barrel Support of Tank Wagon. Mechanics. Vol.36, 2015, pp.45-49. ISSN 1407-8015. e-ISSN 2255-8721.

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