Case Study on Inventory Management Improvement
Darja Plinere, Arkādijs Borisovs

Inventory management is a challenging problem area in supply chain management. Companies need to have inventories in warehouses in order to fulfil customer demand, meanwhile these inventories have holding costs and this is frozen fund that can be lost. Therefore, the task of inventory management is to find the quantity of inventories that will fulfil the demand, avoiding overstocks. This paper presents a case study for the assembling company on inventory management. It is proposed to use inventory management in order to decrease stock levels and to apply an agent system for automation of inventory management processes.

ABC classification, demand forecasting methods, inventory management, replenishment policies

Plinere, D., Borisovs, A. Case Study on Inventory Management Improvement. Information Technology and Management Science. Vol.18, 2015, pp.91-96. ISSN 2255-9086. e-ISSN 2255-9094.

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