Production of CeO2/NiO and CeO2/NiO-Pt Nanocomposites by EPM
International Journal of New Technology and Research 2016
Vera Serga, Antons Cvetkovs, Aija Krumina, Svetlana Čornaja, Janis Kunakovs, Mikhail Maiorov

Nanocomposites CeO2/5wt.% NiO, CeO2/Pt and CeO2/5wt.% NiO-Pt with different Pt loading were produced by the extractive-pyrolytic method (EPM) and characterized by XRD and SEM. NiO and Pt were deposited on a carrier (CeO2 nanopowder) by thermal decomposition of nickel hexanoate and n-trioctylammonium hexachloroplatinate, respectively. XRD analysis showed that in CeO2/5wt.% NiO nanocomposites the mean size of nickel oxide crystallites increases (from amorphous to 18 nm) when the pyrolysis temperature increases from 300 ºC to 700 ºC. In CeO2/ Pt nanocomposites with the Pt content from 0.3 wt.% to 2.4 wt.%, both with NiO and without it, the Pt particles are X-ray amorphous. With a higher metal content (4.8 wt.%) in CeO2/NiO-Pt composites, the mean size of Pt crystallites was 4 nm that is twice less if compared with the CeO2/Pt composite. The produced nanocomposites were tested in glycerol oxidation processes by molecular oxygen. It has been found that CeO2/Pt and CeO2/5 wt.% NiO-Pt composites are catalytically active in alkaline glycerol water solutions. It was shown that the Pt weight loading (0.3 – 1.2 %) in the composites significantly affected the glycerol conversion (12 – 68 %). The main product of oxidation was glyceric acid.

extractive-pyrolytic method, nanocomposites, platinum, nickel oxide, ceria

Serga, V., Cvetkovs, A., Krumina, A., Čornaja, S., Kunakovs, J., Maiorov, M. Production of CeO2/NiO and CeO2/NiO-Pt Nanocomposites by EPM. International Journal of New Technology and Research, 2016, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp.123-127. ISSN 2425-4116.

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