Power Export Platform Based on the All-Terrain Vehicle
Genadijs Zaļeskis, Juris Ķiploks

In this paper the power export platform based on the all-terrain vehicle “BV 206” is presented. Proposed platform is possible solution for the mobile power source delivering in the combat zone. For the platform the hybrid-electric drive is chosen. This type of drives has a lot of important in combat zone advantages, as fuel economy and exported energy production. The drive system has two electric motors, generator and energy storage system; the parameters of these elements are calculated.

drives, engines, gears, generators, supercapacitors

Zaļeskis, G., Ķiploks, J. Power Export Platform Based on the All-Terrain Vehicle [online]. 2015. Available from: http://www.rtu.lv/content/view/12993/2539/lang,lv/.

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